Digitally recorded and composed soundtracks, remix and mastering.

Using the latest digital workstations and highest quality digital instruments we can compose and create world class quality soundtracks that will enhance your projects in any style. We can also remix and remaster backing tracks for bands and vocalists.

At Nexus Media we can soundtrack for film, television and game use, as well as for promotional video and any projects that need original soundtracks. There are no ongoing costs and none of the usual exaggerated budgets.

Soundtrack – paul gerrard

We created backing tracks for the promotional videos of Paul Gerrards latest series of art books. Paul has worked on films such as Battle LA, TMNT, The Seventh Son and television shows like The Shannara Chronicles. 

Coming Soon

Audio book – Cinderellas secret

Nexus Media created all of the background music for the audio book “Once Upon A View” by George Helou, you can download the audio book through itunes.

Soundtrack – The Refuge Collection

We created the soundtollection” anthology of horror, the proceeds rack for “The Refuge Cof the anthology is donated to refugee’s, one family has already been sponsored with more on the way.

Soundtrack – Ruach In eden

A short soundtrack created for personal use which was eventually used with permission by Spires Life Church for the introduction to their online videos.

Soundtrack – monolith

Soundtrack created for a short film named ‘Monolith’ – More of the films soundtracks are available on our soundcloud account.