Location and events photography, as well as composite special effects,
portrait, family photographs and more are available at Nexus Media Studio.

We love capturing the special moments at events and on location just as much as we like to help imaginations run wild in the studio with portraits and special effects greenscreen photography. Our aim is to help you take away a keep sake that you will always treasure and a comfortable, fun experience while capturing that keepsake! 

We use the latest retouching software to bring your ideas to life! No matter your experience level, we can accomodate you! Oh and we also do product photography that will really take your products representation to the next level! Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you, without all of the usual fuss that comes with photography packages.

Studio Photography

Its great getting together and creating photographs in our studio, whether it is for the launch of your product, some modelling for a portfolio, family photographs, or our extremely popular green screen photographs, its a fun friendly and vibrant atmosphere at Nexus Media.

Any style you can think of, we can provide in comfortable settings no matter what your ‘photography’ experience level is! 

Wedding Photography

We love capturing the memories of your special day and have a great package that we hope that you will take advantage of! We can create traditional wedding photographs or something a bit more unique. Check out the video to see what we mean! Our photographers are friendly and happy to accomodate any of your ideas and suggestions and Nexus Media will go above and beyond time and time again to provide you with exactly what you need. 

Location Photography

One of our favourite tasks is to cover events and go out on location to take photographs and video. There is something about being outside
and capturing images that is special and makes for a lot more opportunity for unique and original moments. 

While on location or attending your events, be they weddings, product launches or otherwise, we are polite and professional at all times,
dont get in the way and are considerate and friendly to every person we meet. We would love to get connected with you today!

Product Photography

The presentation of your products, business materials and even your hobbies can make all the difference with your presentation.
We love to help people to show their very best work to the public, and its our passion to help you reach as many people as you can!

Get in touch with Nexus Media today and we can start creating some great images and realizing some awesome ideas together!