Ive been wanting to create this for some time now and am well on the way to making it a reality. The concepts and majority of the artwork is ready to go, the script and storylines 90% fleshed out (are they ever really finished?) and some great actors and actresses are on board already!

Im quite excited to bring it into reality very soon and start to work on the project which will be a graphic novel, short film and online ‘experience’

If you would like to help out please click the button below and throw a few bucks into the ‘coffee’ fund which in actuality is going towards the costs involved in printing, online hosting costs and paying the people who will be helping to bring Infinite to life.


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Silent Baldivis

I couldnt help but create this short video. I went collecting reference and stock footages for the Infinite project and just couldnt help myself. Enjoy!

King Road Brewing Co

A day at the brewery!

We were commissioned to capture the event and decided to use some UAV footage and handheld video work to present the day at different times. We used GoPro camera to time lapse the graffiti wall and Laurence used the Mavic Pro and DJI 4K Osmo to video. We used canon cameras for the photography. The final colour grading and editing was completed with Adobe Premiere and enhanced with Lens Distortions overlays. The soundtrack was custom created for King Road Brewing Co using Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic X Pro. It was a great day and we are very happy with the results!

  • Dji Osmo – Stablized Zemuse Camera
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • Canon Cameras
  • GoPro Cameras
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Lens Distortions 
  • ROG Laptops

Eastlake Church

Photography & Media

Eastlake Church is a church in Mandurah western Australia whose mission is to ‘Reach The World’ – They do fantastic outreach programs such as sponsorships and support for families in our local community as well as worldwide such as the Transform Cambodia program. 

We regularly take photographs of Eastlake Church services and events that they can use on their social media pages and wesbites. Its always great fun and very easy to take great pictures of the beautiful people of Eastlake Church!

State Youth Games

Bunbury, Western Australia

Local churches, youth groups and teams take over Bunbury and get the chance to choose events. Whether you have hard core football stars eyeing off the trophy, or a group of scrabble champions who love nothing more than a triple word score and a mug of milo.

We videoed and photographed the weekend, providing promotional videos quickly, edited and ready to go for that evenings event and morning events. It was a fantastic weekend and we were lucky enough to be asked back to future events although a recent merge apparently meant that 2018 was already covered, but we should be back again in 2019. Thanks for the opportunity! 

We were invited over the long weekend to go to the State Youth Games to provide media coverage for the event. We are the official media representatives of the State Youth Games for the next few years!

Hellraiser : Origins

Hellraiser Origins

Paul Gerrard and Mike Le Han created a pitch video with the idea of creating a full length film once green lit by the studios. The idea was ambitious and proved to be too ambitious for the studios whose only concern was to quickly hold onto the rights of the franchise it seems. The artworks, concepts and hard work wasnt for nothing though as the creations of Paul Gerrard have appeared in his art books and short feature films.

We created the website for the artwork and videos of Hellraiser : Origins. The website contained all of the information provided to us and even has behind the scenes footages from the shoot. It was very rewarding working on the website and we also created sound/foley for the pitch video as well as color grading ‘The Heart Of The Beast” version. We continue to enjoy a great working relationship with Mr Gerrard and periodically are called upon to help promote his creations.

The Heart Of The Beast

We color graded and re-edited the sound and foley on the Hellraiser Origins pitch trailer under the guidance of Paul Gerrard.