Hellraiser Origins

Paul Gerrard and Mike Le Han created a pitch video with the idea of creating a full length film once green lit by the studios. The idea was ambitious and proved to be too ambitious for the studios whose only concern was to quickly hold onto the rights of the franchise it seems. The artworks, concepts and hard work wasnt for nothing though as the creations of Paul Gerrard have appeared in his art books and short feature films.

We created the website for the artwork and videos of Hellraiser : Origins. The website contained all of the information provided to us and even has behind the scenes footages from the shoot. It was very rewarding working on the website and we also created sound/foley for the pitch video as well as color grading ‘The Heart Of The Beast” version. We continue to enjoy a great working relationship with Mr Gerrard and periodically are called upon to help promote his creations.

The Heart Of The Beast

We color graded and re-edited the sound and foley on the Hellraiser Origins pitch trailer under the guidance of Paul Gerrard.