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Nexus Media is a digital media company based in Baldivis, Western Australia that provides innovative and unique design services worldwide. We offer a range of services from online development through to photography and even soundtrack creation for your promotional videos. We love to work alongside people to create just what they are looking for and to go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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Design & Development

Increase your online presence with striking designs and the latest in online functionality and user friendliness. Website creatio, promotional material for social media and much more is available to you via Nexus Media.


Professional photography, editing and retouching services. We can capture everything from your special wedding day, your events and even your products! We also create composite 'special effects' images and can edit and retouch your photographs to the highest levels. Portraits, location and studio photography are all right here, get in touch to have a chat!

Promotional Video

We can capture your events and even produce high quality videos at Nexus Media. Using technology such as Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion we can create animations, color grade your footage, even use UAV's (drone) to capture 4K aerial footage for your projects.

Soundtrack Creation

Nexus Media uses the latest in digital music technology to create, compose and record high quality soundtracks for use in film, television, game and your personal projects. Backing tracks for vocalists and bands are also available to be custom made at Nexus Media.

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