Welcome to Nexus Media

 We provide high quality resources that will take your ideas to the next level. Ranging from professional photography, web design and development, custom soundtracks and even animation, color grading and promotional video. Get in touch with us today to see how we can work together to create something special!

Professional Photography

Creative 'greenscreen', events and locations as well as professional studio photography are available at Nexus Media.

Design & Development

Website design, Application development and marketing tools to get your projects and ideas across the line to the next level.

Online Store

Downloadable digital media, Photoshop Actions, software and more can be found in our online store. We also have gift cards and special offers available in the store, take a look today and hopefully you can find something that youve been looking for!

Soundtrack Creation

For use in games, television, film or your own personal projects we use the latest digital technology to compose and record music in any style.

Digital Media

We create all kinds of digital media at Nexus, from logo design through to conceptual artwork and promotional video animations.

Promotional Video & Marketing

High quality video, animation and colour grading will make your projects and ideas stand out and reach your audience in innovative and unique ways.

Customers & Articles

You can proof and download your photographs and projects easily online with Nexus Media. You can also catch up with our news and articles on this website and see whats happening with us!

Make an appointment

You can contact us with any of your questions through the whatsapp chat on this page, our contact form or make an appointment in our booking section that suits you!