Nexus News & Articles

Design : AMSWA

AMSWA is an industrial crane and maintenance service in Western Australia who service all of the large companies requiring crane work and repairs in an industrial setting. We created the website to their specification also including domain and hosting services for the running of the website. A catalog system was also integrated linking the websites […]


Design : Evotech Pacific

We have worked closely with Evotech Pacific on various projects, the largest one being the Evotech Marketplace, which is a kind of freelance marketplace and directory development that will allow subscribed jewellers and companies to showcase their work through the Evotech Pacific website, even selling their own products through Evotech Pacific. Ticketing systems, bookings, and […]


Photography : Enigma Protocol

An upcoming graphic novel idea called The Enigma Protocol by Nexus Media. Various models and locations will be used to capture a post apocalyptic tale represented in visual form, produced and written by Nexus Media.


Design : Enlightening Minds

We loved working with Amber of Enlightening Minds Counselling! Amber was very hands on with the way she wanted her website to look and ‘feel’ which was important to her, enabling her to capture the essence of her counselling service effectively. Amber also required a booking system for potential clients to book sessions online, including […]


Design : Mug N Brush

We created the website and online booking system for local Art cafe “Mug N Brush’ Mug N Brush required a simple but effective website that included a means of booking art classes online easily, which we accomplished through the bookly plugin and woocommerce as a cost effective means of implementing that feature. Nexus Media also […]


Design : BGC Cement

We were comissioned by BGC cement to create online content and develop a website for the Rockingham and Cannivale divisions of BGC cement. We created a custom themed CMS site and undertook photography duties to represent the factories at the Rockingham and Canningvale facilities. We also used the Inspire2 Drone to capture footage of the […]


Design : Spires Life Church

Nexus Media volunteered to help Spires Life Church to brand and market their church more effectively through the use of graphic design and online development. We created a website that included live social media streaming and instagram intergration as well as content management systems and training. Nexus also regularly created graphics for use in the […]